It’s takes a lot of hard work to get your pool water right so your swimmers enjoy a healthy and enjoyable bathing experience while the pool and equipment isn’t damaged in the process. Sadly, water which may look clean and safe frequently isn’t and unless you know what you’re looking for it’s likely that it never will be! Monitoring just pH, Free & Combined Chlorine and maybe Total Alkalinity isn’t enough. We test up to 24 important chemistries of water condition using properly calibrated instruments thereby providing much more thorough testing so as to truly minimize the risk to bathers’ health and damage to expensive pool equipment.
.....So for regular testing (at discounted prices),  infrequent testing if you think you may have a problem but don't know what or just for peace of mind. 
We offer testing by post - eMail for a sampling pack (instructions included). Keep this safe and when you want a sample tested send the sample to us in the mailer pack provided. We'll test the water sample immediately that it is received and eMail the results back to you.

See Information for prices.

We are based in West Sussex. On site testing services are available in the Home Counties. Contact us for a quote.